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Science and Reason


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Two words put together to convince us that the universe and all it contains relies on observable data. Through analysis of this information, we are supposed to come to a reasoned understanding of how things work and what they mean. Sounds reasonable and logical. Take raw data and arrive at unbiased conclusions based purely on what we see.

Problem is, at this juncture in human history, we have become so steeped in our cultures’ myths and legends that it is nearly impossible to come to a consensus that is reasonable. Add to that the general mental health of any population, various psychoses and just plain ignorance and you have the making of a hodge-podge lodge. We all live in a stew of our own making, a stew made up of every ingredient we find around the place from potatoes and carrots to licorice and peanut butter.

I say this because I am concerned. In an age when we have advanced scientifically and technologically, building on gathered information over the ages, we still act like superstitious ancients trying to appease whatever force may be out there that might harm us, while forcing others to join our cults of superstition and therefore, ignorance.

Fear breeds all kinds of phobias. I have battled mine my whole life long. When I left my corner of what we have come to know as organised religion, the powers-that-be sent me away to be psychologically analysed. I was diagnosed as having a rapid cycling bipolar condition after a week of 7 different experts evaluating me separately then together.

My superiors took the results and decided that my condition was not psychological but due to sin. My aim here is not to explain myself or gain sympathy and outrage. I have lived with the condition all my life as far as I know. It was good to put a name to what was happening to me. When I share this aspect of my life with people….not everyone, but you’re in….I get 2 reactions. The 1st is from those who don’t believe there is any such disease. The 2nd believe everyone has some form of depression or other mental illness and so I am just one of the broken mob.

If we all suffer, that means everyone from world leaders, politicians, doctors, preachers, CEOs and teachers to Sam the rubbish man is broken in some way or another and this brokenness runs the world, as far as human involvement is concerned. Scary eh?

Along with all the conspiracy theories, flat earth believers, corporations, moon landing deniers, religious fanatics and assorted psychopaths we are left with the rest of us. I try to remain optimistic about the rest of us, the few. But I may have to leave it to you because I can’t trust me not to absent myself from those who would dare to make things right in a world of unscientific pronouncements and unreasonable propositions.

Flat earth theorists are as adamant about being right as someone who says the universe is some 13 billion years old. We can believe what we want you see. Some just to be different. Some for 15 minutes of fame. Some not to give in to reasonable thinking. And some because they believe their deity has decreed it. A common bumper sticker in North America reads, ‘God said it, I believe it, That settles it.’ There is no arguing with that. Remember the poster in America during the War in Vietnam (yes, I’m showing my age)? ‘My country right or wrong.’

Once loyalties have been struck, not even evidence that refutes such bold statements means anything to the holders of beliefs of their own making. The world is what we make it, not what it is. We all do it because in the end, nobody has a clue what is really going on. We just make stuff up to suit our conditions, even the ones who consider themselves to be reasonable, scientifically minded people.

For millennia we have implanted our own morals and ethics into each other until most of what we come up with is conjecture at best, silly at worst. Quantum physics has given us a look into a universe we hardly recognise….if Quantum theories can be believed. What holds everything together? Is there a purpose to the universe? Is there any true meaning to it? Some keep looking for a Superstring theory that will knit it all together. Some give up or don’t bother with all that because they know the answer. ‘God said it, I believe it, that settles it.’

To question that would unravel the God theory piece by piece as it has over the last centuries. The defenders of faith are no different to the defenders of the flag, except at least you can see a flag. No one has ever seen this being that is supposed to rule the universe. But such belief in the human context is much stronger than doubt. And since we really can’t prove anything definitively, God lives on in the hearts and minds of avid believers just as there was once an idea called Rome.

I tend to live, as much as possible, like this is my last day on earth. As I write this, 3 lovely Springer Spaniels are sitting around me. They rely on us to look after them. They aren’t mine, they belong to good friends. Buster, the eldest of the Springers, was abused as a young dog. My friends rescued him and have given him a good home. Buster doesn’t trust males as a rule because one treated him so badly. But we have built a rapport over time. He trusts me. He is curled up beside me now. He is content. Doesn’t believe anything. Just wants to be treated with kindness. The other 2 are rescue dogs too. As long as they are fed, walked and have a safe place to rest, they are content. Good word that. Content. Happy is overused. Content is where it’s at.

Don’t get me wrong. Let’s keep searching to unlock the secrets of the universe, just not in an arrogant way where we have to be right and someone else wrong. Try to be content with what we have as long as there is food, shelter, places to walk safely and good companionship. Sound reasonable? I’m sure the universe can accommodate that. If it can’t, what’s the point? I know….kindness. I’m certain of it.




Valentine’s Day


The hour is nigh. The day has arrived. All those heart cards and bunches of roses and chocolate boxes have been around since the beginning of the New Year. All the shelves were stocked with Valentine’s Day merchandise as soon as the 12 days of Christmas were done…sooner in many cases. It’s like we just can’t get enough love or the reminder of it.

But you and I are wise to the situation aren’t we? What’s love got to do with it? Really. And especially after Christmas when we have spent enough money to convince our loved ones….and the rest of them….that we love them. Just as we catch our breath from all that, we have to do it all over again a few weeks later. In the dead of winter too.

Maybe we think love will bring the warmth we need. Maybe we need another winter celebration to break up the monotony of grey skies, rain, snow, ice and long, dark nights in our northern hemisphere. But that, we understand, doesn’t cut it either. What we really have, if we’re honest….even though most don’t want to be or don’t care….is another corporate hoodwink. And we’ve allowed it. We’ve swallowed it. After all, who would ever go against love?

It all began with an obscure saint, actually several of the same name, who has since been demoted by the Roman Catholic Church. And maybe Christians changed a pagan ritual of lust and lascivity to a more sedate celebration (just look at Christmas). It could have been a day immortalised by Chaucer or some other Englishman to promote romantic love. Who knows? No one really. But, like everything else, once someone comes up with an idea, it either snowballs or dies a slow death and gets buried in the annals of time. In this case, love overcame all and our shops today are a testimony to how retail can perpetuate a myth and take it to ridiculous heights.

Now, I’m no killjoy. Far be it for me to diss anything even remotely based on love. But I am no romantic. I’ve been told. Sentimental, yes. And quite empathetic. Just not a romantic. I’m far too self-absorbed to woo. I’ve tried. It’s exhausting work. You have to think of so many things and do it right depending on the person you’re with. One thing I’ve learned over the years as a male? Females are fussy creatures….most of them….the feminine ones anyway. Some like facial hair. Others don’t. Some like roses. Some don’t. Chocolates could be a sign of trying to fatten them up. You might pick the wrong restaurant or a movie that she didn’t want to see. Even if you get the movie right, you will be bored through it. You know what I mean.

I’m talking about Valentine’s Day you understand. Everything has to come together on one day of the year to earn points for the male that ought to hold sway for a little while at least. I’m also talking about my age as it relates to the 14th February. Maybe customs have changed. The Valentine’s Day I’m talking about has been in place for years. It’s a given. The youth of today may see things differently. The corporate world does its best to keep the fires of the day burning, but trends change. I can only hope sense wins out and this generation of anti-corporate people brings things back to a natural order.

The natural order, to my way of thinking, is to be romantic….if you have to be….any old time or all the time and let the rest of us display affection and such when and where we see fit, inexpensively and without guilt being poured on us. Love and let love so to speak. Don’t heap it all on to one day a year as if our very lives and souls and hearts depend on it. Perhaps Valentine’s Day is perfect for romantics because romance is a fleeting, temporary almost ethereal feeling or emotion whereas the long haul of love is difficult to maintain and celebrate in one day.

I’m ignoring the day actually. Just another Sunday. The sun is shining where I sit. The air is cold, but clear with no strong winds. Please don’t take this as a sign that St. Valentine, whoever he was, is smiling down on me here in my little Marina in Hertfordshire. Just another Sunday. Me and my best friend are going to take a little walk later to take in the crisp February air. Then we’ll have lunch on the boat and probably watch some telly (TV). Just like any other day, but always pleasant.

So….Happy Valentine’s day anyway….if you must.