The Last Blog

The Last Blog

Blog Number 150 and that’s it. I’ve written all I want to say about my boating life…for now. I could write more about the issues of the day but I don’t want to. Truth be told, I can’t afford to pay for the site anymore. If I find a way to Blog free of charge, I’ll let you know. For the moment, I’m kind of tired of Blogging. I enjoy writing and shall continue to do so.

Life is different in our new marina (been here over 6 months now). Very rural and not as community minded. Most people leave their boats here and only come back to them to check on things or go out on tour. We like staying put for the most part. The trip up here last May was enough travelling to last a good while.

And it’s nearly Christmas. We have enjoyed living near Birmingham. A short train ride from where our boat is moored and we are once again in the big city. I was surprised how much I liked Birmingham. We visited the German Christmas market twice and my best friend bought art supplies from an art shop. Lots of good changes to Birmingham since I was there 12 years ago.

The boat is once again decked out for Christmas, inside and out. Other boats in the marina have decorated too. Quite a sight. I love it. Tonight we are off to a dinner put on by someone in the marina to bring people together. At last, we get to meet more boaters. Beef stew is on the menu. Can’t wait.

How are you all feeling about the world at the moment? So much for peace on earth. Threats of violence at every turn. Even the weather is turning on us. I don’t want to leave on a morbid note though. We need a lot more positive all around us. What are you doing about it? Me? I write and do music. I believe music is a great healing power and a positive influence on us…even the Blues.

At my ripe old age, I plan on bringing more music into the world in 2019. I have a cunning plan. In the meantime, it’s Mince Pie hour and maybe a Christmas movie and then I’ll put on the old Brennan for some Christmas music…even ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ because I’m a rebel at heart. Play it loud and proud my dears.

And that’s all I have to say to you all…for now. Be good to yourselves and to each other. Cheers,


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear I’m not going to be reading your blogs. I really do hope you find another way of doing them. I hope you do bring new music into the world in 2019 and I hope I can somehow hear some of it. Merry Christmas and blast that song!

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  2. Keep Twitter open! Send some blues our way! I have been revelling in a Ten Years After compilation called “Pure Blues”. NIce! Keep messing with boats. Does Birmingham have any good (& cheap) second-hand bookstores? See you on the trail sometime.


    • Thanks Mike. Yeah, I’m keeping my Twitter account. Lots of great second-hand bookshops. Lots of first edition classics…not cheap but available…and even stalls along the main roads with freebees. Even in Droitwich Spa and nearby Worcester. Messing with the boat at the moment. Filling the water tank. Take care my friend Looking forward to meeting up.


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