I swore to myself that I’d never write about this guy. I lied. I can’t open anything on the internet or look at a newspaper or talk to someone I know without hearing the name. Everyone I know on Facebook has something to say about the man or comment on someone else’s page about him. Like a rhythm that goes on in my head day and night….TrumpTrumpTrumpTrump, TrumpTrumpTrumpTrump. I just have to add my two cents (pence) worth. You may disagree, but I have to wash that man right out of my hair.

Let’s face it folks, he’s no politician. He’s a rich businessman. Doesn’t matter how he got rich or whether or not he is a capable businessman. He pisses off so many people because he has no idea or training on how to be a politician. He may be raw and rich. He may be arrogant and spoiled. He’s been accused of being a liar and cheat. Oh wait….he is a politician. He just doesn’t know how to hide it all (except maybe his tax returns). Some people find that refreshing. They say he’s a plain speaker, says what he thinks, speaking off-the-cuff. They mistake this for the man being a leader for the people.

The question is; does he care about people at all? The average man and woman? Who really knows? Is he to the extreme right? Does he care anything for the environment? Is he a misogynist? Does he just play up to those on the far right? Is he truly religious or pretending to be? Has he got some hidden agenda of his own? Is he, perhaps, just the star in a new Reality TV show of his own making that just happens to play on the world screen? That would be my guess. If nothing else, he’s an ambitious fellow.

Ambition. We don’t all have it. I’ve had two girlfriends in my past (one to whom I was engaged) who accused me of having no ambition and who broke up with me because of it. Call it laziness, a lack of commitment, no focus or some other personality quirk, but no one thing has ever caught my interest enough to make it my life’s goal. I like a bit of this and a bit of that. I have no real convictions any more and wish we could all just get along. When I look back, I think I never really did have strong views on any issues that seem so important to some.

We tend to admire people who are single-minded, single-purposed. Not all of them to be sure, but we are attracted to individuals who are absolutists, certain of their life’s calling and convinced that their way is the right way. Not all of us end up following those kinds of people….thankfully. But sooner or later, most follow someone’s take on things and become labelled liberal or conservative or some other classification that defines them. I try not to be categorised. Doesn’t always work.  Sometimes I’m liberal and other times conservative. Depends on the topic. I may not have strong convictions, but I do have opinions. Even then, I’m often wrong, not having had all the facts and shooting an opinion from the hip without giving the issue much thought. One old friend labelled me a lazy thinker. Not always, but often enough. Just can’t seem to be bothered gathering all the facts on any given subject. Unless it interests me, of course. Like anything to do with music, especially the Blues.

Let me push on to Trump again. Even though I really don’t want to. We love a winner, a champion. And especially overcomers. Films that depict a hero defying all odds and challenges to triumph over some evil or avenge some wrong doing are met with a cheer from the audience when the victim wins. They feel like our champions. Trump made a lot of promises to the American people along the lines of making America great again to the exclusion of certain ethnic groups. The name Trump is from old English and probably originating in France, brought to England during the time of William the Conqueror, just like my last name Turner. My ancestors made things from metal. Trump’s either made or played trumpets. Anyway, Trump is the white man’s white man. He’s the white man’s champion. The last gasp of a dying breed. Dangerous when in the hands of a megalomaniac.

Do my opinions really count for much in the greater scheme of things anyway? Probably not in this day and age. Neither should Trump’s. But they do. I guess it depends on what we consider as being the greater scheme of things. In the world of Reality TV, the loudest voice attracts attention. Audiences love to hate the bombastic, self-opinionated loudmouth on the show. Hate them, yes….but we find we have to tune in to see what they’ll do next. The more outrageous, the better. It only lasts as long as the show airs. Trump seems to have found a way to keep it going for at least 4 years. He may even get fired from the show. Who knows? Stay tuned.

All that is fine to a point. Trump seems to have wooed the Prime Minister of the Britons, Saint Theresa May. Probably not for long. She wanted something from him, to stay in NATO and he from her….adulation and approval. We all had a good laugh about the so-called hand holding. Well staged Mr. Trumpet. Trump was suppose to come to Britain for a state visit, but that may be revoked after Trump’s ban on travellers from certain Islamic states were stopped from getting into America. The real scary thing, though, is that the man has access to the red button. That makes Reality TV even more real. Look out Dr. Strangelove, here we come.

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